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Wulfin Lieske als Komponist


In the concert hall, Wulfin Lieske is well-versed in evoking the special magic of music. A gift that inspires Lieske's work as composer – he know instinctively how to unlock the magic.

The interpretation lives for the moment, captivating the audience, and is revisited again and again, while the composition remains eternal.

Wulfin Lieske's art begins with a creative space, which he fills with music. Leaving his everyday surroundings, he heads for the country and solitude. Revelling in the luxury of freedom and tranquillity, he focuses on defining the coordinates for an orchestral work, a clarinet concert, the length of the piece, categories. And then the quest for ...inspiration. An idea that sparks a feat of imagination.

Taqsim I-III, his first major work for the guitar, lays the foundation for his composing career, which has since assumed universal dimensions. Orchestral works. Piano pieces. Violin concertos.

An intuitive feel, formal structures – and with inspirational verve Lieske's compositions are scored. Ideas are moulded, elaborated until a new architecture, proportions rise up to form a new work. Come full cycle, Lieske's oeuvre is continually renewed with fresh ideas, material.

Composing is the most exhilarating experience I know. The world is at your feet, you pull the strings.