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Wulfin Lieske als Gitarrist


Wulfin Lieske the musician inspires the composer and vice-versa in a dynamic symbiosis. His deep intimacy with the pieces lends profundity to his compositions.

You have to be true to yourself, focus on what matters to you. Where do you stand? Do you believe in yourself or not?

Wulfin Lieske decided to make music his career shortly before taking his final exams at school. He studied classical guitar and attended the jazz seminar at Cologne University of Music. Initially focusing on his classical guitar career, he won competitions and made records.

He gained international reputation as the winner of competitions in Alicante (Spain 1981), Gargnano (Italy 1982), Almunecar Certamen Andrés Segovia (Spain 1985). Invitations to festivals, CD, radio and TV productions followed.

Wulfin Lieske largely contributed to the rediscovery of the traditional Spanish guitar, engaging in intensive study of legendary guitar maker Antonio de Torres. Since the mid 1990s he has focused on the latter's most famous guitar, 'La Leona' of 1856 and was the first musician at all to make several CDS with the instruments of Torres and his successors, thus effectively leading to the rediscovery of the traditional Spanish guitar.

His work as a soloist is like a guiding thread throughout his career, although he greatly values creative exchanges with other musicians. He enjoys improvising with musicians from other cultures like Fu Zhu Meng from Mongolia or the 'Dreamtime' project with Australian William Barton.

The stage is my oyster, I'm guided by my intuition. And the audience senses that something completely new is in the making.

Wulfin Lieske's repertoire is ever-changing, its emphases rooted in the different phases of his life. Bach and Jazz, new music, solo or with a band, quartet or duet with 'Lieske Spindler Guitars'. Classic guitar, e-guitar, frame guitar, original historical instruments.