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Music is my ambrosia, food for the soul.
News, 05. NOV 2020

The Friendship Series | short guitar pieces

I have completed a 2nd set of short guitar pieces dedicated to my guitar playing  friends - Guitar Dreams book II. Have a look at my shop.

News, 03. NOV 2020

New productions at corona times

Due to the overall lockdowns of public stages I have concentrated in new productions. There are two audio solo albums, the production of my two song cycles for soprano/guitar and baritone/piano, a music film on my 12 concertstudies "The Arpeggio Experience", the lecture "The Spirit of Tárrega" for the online-platform tonebase and an entirely new tutorial "The Art of Classical Guitar Interpretation". Some products have been published already, some are still in the state of post-production. I have also performed a live-stream concert at LOFT Cologne and I will do some more. Finally there are some larger composition projects integrating visiual art/video in preparation...

News, 03. NOV 2020

Livestream from loft köln | best of

the highlights of my performance at LOFT Köln with guest star Milan Sládek, pantomime


News, 03. NOV 2020

Wulfin Lieske | the magic four

The score is online


News, 22. SEP 2020

the spirit of tárrega | new video feature on tonebase

180.000 user watched the trailer on Facebook: Wulfin Lieske introduces to the aesthetics of Francisco Tárrega - a new video feature on tonebase

News, 04. SEP 2019

Wulfin Lieske | the arpeggio experience

This cycle of twelve guitar studies was created by the composer in the Spring of 2019 and is a reminiscent to the long tradition of concert studies (Études de Concert). Still it a premier contribiution to this genre in its wide span from "romance" to "minimal".


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