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1.8.2024 Convento San Giovanni die Valdarno (I) Recital
2.8.2024 Castello di Cennina (I) mit Riccardo Pratesi (Rezitation Dante)
27.10.2024 Basilika Benediktbeuren - Premiere  "Himmelskanon" with the Bayrisches Staatsorchester, Wulfin Lieske, Christian Fröhlich

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Music is my ambrosia, food for the soul.
News, 01. SEP 2023

Premiere Guitar Sketches at Kunstverein Marburg

September 7 Wulfin Lieske presents his new compositions for guitar: MEDITATIO I-V and premieres GUITAR SKETCHES


News, 17. MAY 2023

MEDITATIO I-V for guitar - published now

After having premiered my latest work Premiere MEDITATIO I-V in Aurich, Germany in June 7, 2023 the score is available in my shop


News, 13. MAR 2023

atrium | new work for clarinet and guitar

In October 2022 I composed a commissioned duet for clarinet and guitar which I will premiere with Diego Anibál Montes in early sommer.

News, 18. JAN 2023

Tarrega video hitting the 100k within two weeks

Great success for my video on ToneBase "Playing Tárrega on Tárrega's Original 1856 Guitar" with more than 116.000 views within three weeks and puts me on Top 2


News, 22. NOV 2022

new Opera "domino - the transformation of Thérèse"

My opera "Domino" after a novel by Émile Zola is completed

News, 22. NOV 2022

Felix bloch erben Publishing House

My operas are represented by the Felix Bloch Erben publishing house 

News, 04. SEP 2019

Wulfin Lieske | the arpeggio experience

This cycle of twelve guitar studies was created by the composer in the Spring of 2019 and is a reminiscent to the long tradition of concert studies (Études de Concert). Still it a premier contribiution to this genre in its wide span from "romance" to "minimal".


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